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How can vehicle CCTV improve safety standards for your fleet?

How can vehicle CCTV improve safety standards for your fleet?

Posted on 30th Jun, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

Looking after and monitoring your fleet can be quite a challenge. In 2014 alone, 150 company vehicles were involved in road traffic accidents, according to Roadsafe. The claims of such accidents total around £2 billion each year. While accidents do happen, there are plenty of ways to minimise your exposure to and risk of accidents – vehicle CCTV systems providing a critical solution.

Reducing the risk of fraud

CCTV systems benefit the automobile industry in so many ways. One of the main reasons fleet owners are turning to vehicle CCTV is because they can capture crucial evidence should criminals frame one of your drivers. The Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates that incidents of this type cost the insurance industry £392m each year. With crimes like these becoming more and more prevalent, CCTV cameras offer peace of mind. Even if you are falsely accused of causing an accident, evidence captured will reveal you’re not at fault. In fact, according to, many fleet decision makers would consider using in-cab CCTV cameras (69%) while 15% of those questioned said they already did.

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Enhancing drivers’ visibility

Another benefit of in-cab CCTV is better visibility. Our CCTV systems help drivers to see things more clearly and minimise the issue of blind spots. This helps to better protect other roads users, including cyclists. What’s more, colour vehicle CCTV systems can help provide a clearer image on overcast days while black and white systems offer a great picture in lower light. This allows a driver to see things more clearly in light conditions that may otherwise negatively impact their driving.

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Don’t just take our word for it; in one of the recent TfL campaigns, Crossrail announced that all HGVs had to be fitted with Fresnel lenses or front mounted rear facing CCTV. The main reasoning behind this was to help prevent cyclists getting hit by large vehicles.

Further reports from reveal that in one six month trial, where 50% of a fleet had CCTV cameras fitted and the other 50% didn’t, the vehicles with CCTV saw a huge drop in the number of accidents. During the six month period, accident numbers dropped by 50% and there was a 25% reduction in claim costs in those vehicles with vehicle CCTV, compared to the other half of the fleet that didn’t have cameras fitted.

Improving the standards of your fleet

Vehicle CCTV systems are also used to improve the driving standards of your fleet. In fact, evidence shows that the installation of such cameras leads to an immediate improvement in driving behaviour.

At Vision Techniques, we have a wide range of vehicle CCTV systems available. Some even have extra special features, such as VT3000, which features an innovative ‘shutter-wipe’ closing lens.

If you’re looking to take your vehicle CCTV to the next level, why not try VT Live? The vehicle CCTV system gives you real-time access to CCTV in any one of your vehicles – or multiple vehicles. This allows you to protect your fleet and defend against claims while helping identify areas where training is required.

Have you used any of our vehicle CCTV products? If so, tell us which one you use and why you like it. You can leave your comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique