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Can reversing cameras improve bus and coach transport?

Can reversing cameras improve bus and coach transport?

Posted on 19th Sep, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

Each year, reversing is the cause of accidents and fatalities on Britain’s roads. In fact, figures produced by the Association of British Insurers suggest that approximately 17% of accidents involve reversing. Furthermore, HSE data indicates that 25% of deaths at work occur when a vehicle is reversing. Reversing-related accidents don’t just cause injury and death; they can also cause costly damage to vehicles and premises.

Common transport risks and safety measures

can reversing cameras improve bus and coach transport

Operating around the public, bus and coach drivers have an increased responsibility. A lapse in concentration or incorrect manoeuvre can have serious consequences. However, vehicle safety technology, like reversing cameras, can help improve bus and coach safety – making both the operator and other roads users more aware.

Of course, there are a few measures you should take to maximise safety when reversing – whether you are using a reversing camera or not.

As a bus or coach operator, you should:

Exercise caution

Before reversing, think about any potential risks around you and approach the manoeuvre with care. Take your time to complete your manoeuvre and simplify it any way possible.

Watch out for blind spots

Blind spots can cause serious difficulties when operating buses or coaches. Make sure you know where your vehicle’s blind spots are and check them whenever appropriate.

Make others aware of your intentions

Signalling is key to preventing against collisions with pedestrians and other roads users. Always use your mirrors when signalling and keep an eye out at all times.

The benefits of a reversing camera

reversing camera

Reversing cameras can help improve bus and coach transportation by improving vehicle visibility. The cameras clearly display what’s behind your vehicle allowing you to better judge your manoeuvres.

While reversing cameras can aid any vehicle, they’re particularly useful for larger vehicles, like buses, which usually have poorer visibility. Reversing cameras with warning lights and automatic braking solutions, like those in the VT Banksman range, can further increase bus and coach safety.

The award-winning Banksman range includes the Auto-Braking Radar, which works using advanced FMCW microwave radar detection, and the Radar Plus add-on, which includes LED ‘warning’ lights. Together, the VT Banksman solutions reduce the risk of colliding with objects, vehicles and pedestrians using the best technology to date.

For those looking for something simpler, we also offer a range of more traditional reversing cameras too. The VT70JM and VT35AE are just two of the cameras in our range – the former particularly outstanding in low-light settings and the latter boasting waterproof and dust-resistant properties.

Want to discover our other safety solutions for your bus or coach? Visit our industry-specific webpage to find out about the day-to-day risks of operating a bus or coach and safety products designed for your vehicle.

Are you a bus or coach operator? If so, what are your thoughts on reversing cameras? Tell us whether you use them or not and what difference they make day-to-day. Tweet us @VisionTechnique