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What can improved safety measures do for your fleet?

What can improved safety measures do for your fleet

Posted on 11th Oct, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

If your business involves putting drivers out on the roads, it’s important to keep both your operators and the public safe. Clear safety practices are vital, along with vehicle safety technology, to minimise incidents and enhance driver awareness. At Vision Techniques, we offer plenty of solutions guaranteed to enhance fleet safety. From reducing the number of accidents to preventing theft and vandalism – there’s a safety technology for every major risk.

Reduce your number of accidents

vehicle accident between car and truck

According to RoadSafe 2014, 150 company vehicles in Britain are involved in road traffic accidents each year. These crashes result in 14,000 deaths or serious injuries annually and more than half a million whiplash claims. Accidents don’t just impact the company in question too. Drivers can be badly injured and in some cases lose their job. However, advanced vehicle safety technology can help.

VT TurnSafe can help prevent collisions with cyclists while VT Banksman helps tackle issues with reversing – reducing reversing-related accidents as a result. VT Cameras also offer better awareness of the road and your surroundings, helping you to make safer decisions and judgements.

Reduce the cost of insurance

VT56 vehicle cameras

Leading insurance companies offer discount on annual policies when safety technology is fitted in-vehicle. Dash cams, like our VT Cameras, usually guarantee a discount and can also provide essential evidence should an accident occur.

Protect against false claims

VT CrashCam

In-vehicle cameras, like VT CrashCam, are being used to protect against fraudulent claims and crash-for-cash fraud.

Craig Budsworth, of the Motor Accident Solicitor Society, says:

“Their ability to help identify exactly what has happened at the scene of an accident could prove an excellent tool in fighting fraudulent motor accident claims.”

For an example of how one dash cam saved a driver an estimated £45k, take a look at this video on

Give full CCTV coverage

vehicle cctv

CCTV coverage is useful for drivers and managers of fleets. It not only provides essential evidence, should an accident occur, it also gives managers oversight of a driver’s behaviour. VT Live, our DVR 360 degree Wireless Stream Recorder is one of our most comprehensive CCTV cameras and allows you to protect your fleet and enhance your business.

Deter vandals and thieves

IDent vehicle control system

Fleet vehicles are an attractive target for criminals; they can be vandalised and have their contents stolen. VT Ident, our RFID Vehicle Control System helps to protect against this. It can control the ignition, brakes and on-board machinery – reducing the risk of theft.

By dramatically improving vehicle safety and tackling the common issues faced by fleet operators, both your employees and business benefit. Employees and managers are ensured peace of mind – knowing they’re safe at work and protected against danger and scams. Likewise, your company’s reputation is strengthened too. With fewer accidents and claims and a happy workforce, you’ll be known for all the positives as opposed to negative incidents.

Not sure what safety technology is best suited to your industry? Head over to our Industries page  to discover the best in vehicle safety technology.

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