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How can braking systems benefit quarry and mining operations?

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Posted on 31st May, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

While vehicles used by the quarrying and mining industry aren’t dangerous to the everyday driver, they do carry significant risk on site. Considering their size, weight, and power, the damage caused by a quarry or mining vehicle is likely to be significant should an accident occur. One of the biggest issues to have recently come to light is the problem of brake failure, or a driver’s failure to engage their brake. With several reports of this recently in the news, it’s time to tackle the issue with specialist braking systems.

Braking accidents: A real-life example

In December 2015, a crane company was found guilty of corporate manslaughter after a driver of one of their vehicles was killed. Lindsay Easton, a driver for the firm, died while driving a crane at a quarry in Bury. The cause of the accident was brake failure.

The crane, which weighed 130 tonnes, lost control and fell into an earth bank. Mr Easton died from multiple injuries and his employer was sued after failing to ensure his safety. Upon investigation, the braking system was found to be damaged and several of the wheel brakes inoperable and worn.

Of course, this is just one of the many incidents that have happened in the quarry and mining industry of late. Brake failure needn’t always be the cause either. All it takes is a tired or busy driver to forget to engage his brake for an accident like this to occur.

Braking technology from Vision Techniques

With potential accidents like those described today in mind, we developed a suite of braking products designed to prevent accidents like these from happening.

VT BrakeSafe, one of our new technologies, is essentially a handbrake failsafe system, that automatically applies your brake for you should you forget. The technology even works when the ignition’s off – so you can be sure that any of your handbrake slip-ups will be covered.

BrakeSafe handbrake failsafe system for commercial vehicles

For the ultimate in safety solutions, why not combine VT BrakeSafe with StopSafe. VT StopSafe controlled braking system was designed to stop out of control vehicles from causing further damage on site and to other workers. With StopSafe, a driver can quickly bring their vehicle to a halt at the touch of a button, which applies ABS braking and ensures a quick but controlled stop.

VT Stopsafe controlled braking system

Our braking solutions are just the start when it comes to safety and security for your vehicle. At Vision Techniques, we also have a range of CCTV vehicle cameras, designed to improve drivers’ visibility. We also have specialist reversing technology, like VT Banksman, our Reversing Radar System, designed to tackle the issue of blind spots.

To find out more about our technologies for the quarry and mining industry, give us a call on 08455 643 337.

Are you a vehicle driver in the quarry and mining industry? If so, which of our road safety technology products do you use? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique