Vision Techniques

Bringing new Vision to RWM in September 2014

Join Vision Techniques on our OWL Stand at the Birmingham NEC from September 16th – 18th – Hall/Stand: 5Y130-Z131.

2014 is flying by, which means it’s time to start thinking about the Recycling and Waste
Management (RWM) expo – a big mark on the annual calendar for many international businesses, as well as their customers, associates and suppliers.

Vision Techniques will be down at the Birmingham NEC from September 16th – 18th, so mark the dates in your diary, and come and see what we’ve got to offer your business with our latest vehicle safety developments.

RWM 2014: an unmissable expo experience

There’s little doubt that the RWM expo is one of the highlights of the recycling and waste management industry’s annual calendar: attracting over 15,000 visitors and 750 exhibitors last year alone, the expo draws the biggest and best from the waste industry – not to mention suppliers and associates like Vision Techniques.

This years’ RWM will also be our biggest show stand ever, coming together with CMS Supatrak to deliver our OWL Innovation stand, covering over 100 square meters of show space.

Introducing VT Ident

RWM will be the official launch of our VT Ident system, a vehicle control system which uses RFID technology to provide or prevent access to electrical systems, such as vehicle ignition and use of the rear loader.

The system restricts unauthorised access to both dangerous and sensitive systems, reducing the risk of injury and vehicle theft. Ident can also improve vehicle efficiency, shutting down the engine when not required.

The system can be tailored to your specific needs, however if you only require ignition or braking control, our simplified ‘DriveStop’ system would meet your needs. Rear access can be controlled by our ‘LiftStop’ system.

The full Ident system will be on show at this years’ RWM, so feel free to request a demonstration during the event.

OWL: our Optimised Waste Logistics system

The RWM expo is the perfect opportunity for the team here at Vision Techniques to showcase our optimised waste logistics system – otherwise known as OWL.

OWL is a unique initiative that is designed specifically for commercial fleets in the recycling, waste collection and waste management industries. Incorporating advanced vehicle safety technologies including vehicle CCTV, vehicle weighing and vehicle management, our OWL solution offers users an all-encompassing, integrated safety system.

Working with OWL can help to:

Safeguarding your waste collection fleet with OWL

Vision Techniques’ cutting-edge, 360°-vision vehicle CCTV recording system keeps a record of your fleet, helping you to monitor and address drivers’ behavior, and prevent accidents and fraudulent claims from raising your insurance costs.

As part of the OWL initiative, CMS Supatrak offer an integrated vehicle monitoring system also tracks and manages driver performance, helping to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions: crucial for any thriving business in the waste management industry, where a demonstrably robust environmental agenda is a must.

Developed in conjunction with Vehicle Weighing Solutions and CMS Supatrak, the OWL system is a vital investment for any business operating in the recycling, waste collection and waste management industries – which is why we’re eager to show it off at RWM 2014!

Can’t wait until RWM 2014?

If you can’t wait until RWM 2014 to see our wide range of vehicle safety solutions, you can browse our entire product range right here on the website. Alternatively, you can tailor your search by industry: we’ve got a variety of vehicle safety products for waste management professionals, so you can check out what Vision Techniques has on offer before you come and see us at RWM 2014 in September.

As well as VT Ident, we’ve got plenty of other exciting products to showcase this year, so make sure you stop by: we’re at the NEC from September 16th – 18th at Hall/Stand: 5Y130-Z131.

Is your business looking forward to RWM 2014? Let us know if you’re visiting or exhibiting in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique!