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Brake to speak about Future of Braking Systems at VT Safety Day

Posted on 17th Mar, 2016 by Dominic Benabda

Road safety charity Brake are supporting Vision Techniques at their safety day, giving customers a chance to see new systems VT StopSafe and VT BrakeSafe and experience how they operate.

Vision Techniques will be holding their event and inviting customers to come and test their two new systems, VT StopSafe and VT BrakeSafe with the help of Craven Council, with both new systems being demonstrated live on Thursday 14th April. Click Here to register online.

Brake VT Safety Day 2016 Image

This event has been backed by the road safety charity, Brake. They are a charity based in the UK who aim to make a world where road deaths and injuries are a thing of the past. Brake work on building awareness for road safety and support those affected by road accidents. Brake was the perfect charity to support the event as both Brake and Vision Techniques have the same mission – To make the roads safer for everyone.


Mike Bristow, the spokesperson for Brake, said: “Brake is delighted that Vision Techniques have committed to supporting this charity, and to raising awareness about road safety. I applaud their dedication to supporting road crash victims, and passion for improving road safety. Their efforts are a fantastic example of how companies can get involved to improve road safety and Brake looks forward to a long-lasting partnership with Vision Techniques.”


The VT StopSafe system is a new solution to prevent the events that happened in Glasgow two years ago from ever happening again. The system, when used brings the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop using an emergency button. The VT BrakeSafe system prevents vehicles from rolling away by applying the vehicle handbrake if a driver forgets when leaving the vehicle. Due to the popularity of the new systems with customers, they plan to put forward both systems for Brake Awards for Innovation.


We call it VT StopSafe, effectively the system reduces the vehicle’s speed while simultaneously bringing it to a controlled stop using the braking system. The system is activated using a secure emergency button installed to the vehicle dashboard, allowing the crew to react to an emergency situation.” Explained Technical Manager Nigel Armstrong, the lead developer of the system.


Vision Techniques will also be explaining how other safety products such as our DVR’s, cameras and radar systems can be integrated into vehicles and work alongside the VT StopSafe and VT BrakeSafe systems. There will also be an open forum and Q&A session with system developer, Nigel Armstrong, Technical Manager and the brains behind the new technology.


The event takes place on Thursday 14th April from 10 am til 2pm and is being held at the Rendezvous Hotel, Skipton. There are rooms available for overnight accommodation however spaces are limited. For more information or to secure your place call Vision Techniques on 01254 679717 or Click Here.