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Could Birmingham become a Cycle Street Zone?

In a radical new plan launched by the Government, Birmingham’s roads could soon be receiving a major overhaul designed to make cycling in the city much safer. But while the Government focuses on making roads safer, we’re encouraging fleet owners to look closer to home…

15mph Cycle Streets…

Birmingham was recently awarded a £17 million cycling safety grant by the Government, which it invested in creating new cycle routes, providing designated cyclist facilities, rolling out 20mph zones in residential areas, and promoting new cycle loan and hire schemes.

Now the city may be set to test a new initiative: cyclist priority routes, dubbed a cycle street zone, which will feature a speed limit of 15mph, and where it will be illegal for other vehicles to overtake bikes.

This new Cycle Street scheme could be the next step in transforming Birmingham’s roads, and may well receive full backing from the city’s council.

Cyclist safety schemes mean changing roads…

This latest initiative is masterminded by The Department for Transport, and was outlined in their latest Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions legislation (TSRGD). As well as highlighting the intended benefits to cyclists, the document mentions changes to road infrastructure, which commercial fleet owners would do well to take on board:

“Traffic signs, signals and road markings form an important part of the toolkit used by local authorities to provide cycling infrastructure. The review recommended a range of changes that should be made to help improve cycling facilities.”

The changes include traffic lights with special sequences for cycles to allow them to move off first, revised route branding, ‘no entry except cycles’ signs, safety bike ‘trixi’ mirrors, and clearer lane markings.

With inner-city driving already presenting a variety of challenges to goods vehicle drivers, new developments of this kind will mean that extra vigilance is required. Luckily, Vision Techniques is here to help!

Increase your vehicle safety with VT Overview™

As Birmingham and other cities throughout the UK prepare to implement bold new cyclist safety schemes, commercial fleet owners should be taking their own steps to increase the safety of their fleet and drivers.

Vehicle safety systems like VT Overview™ offer drivers a 360° view around them, using four high quality cameras to give a complete view, whether during the day or at-night. Ideal for street delivery vehicles and municipal vehicles like refuse collection trucks, the VT Overview vehicle safety system also features audible alarms for each side camera to warn the driver if a car, cyclist or pedestrian enters the danger blind spot on either side of the vehicle.

The system’s Intelligent Scene Analysis also means that, when the vehicle indicates left or right, an audible warning will sound if danger encroaches from the rear; recognition of non-risk obstacles prevents unnecessary false alarms.

To find out more about how Vision Techniques unique vehicle safety systems could help protect your fleet, contact us today.

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