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What are the benefits of real time vehicle tracking?

If you want to improve operational costs and the productivity and safety of your fleet, we’ve got the perfect solution. Real time vehicle tracking, used in VT Live, our 360 degree real-time vehicle CCTV system, allows you to closely monitor your fleet and make those all-important decisions to improve your business.

Improve productivity

With online shopping and deliveries on the rise, real time vehicle tracking can help ensure that each job is fulfilled in the quickest time possible. Using real time vehicle tracking, delivery van operators can deliver more goods in a short time period – partly by taking advantage of more efficient routes.


Improve foresight

Road maintenance, congestion, and road accidents can all have a damaging effect on a business. With real time tracking, employers and managers are notified in advance of potential problems – allowing them to make an executive decision on how best to minimise impact.


Improve customer service

Late deliveries can do a business real harm. Unsatisfied customers kicking off on social media does nothing for a company’s reputation. Real time vehicle tracking can minimise the inconvenience of late deliveries by keeping customers better informed. With real-time data, customers will receive a better estimation of delivery windows – meaning they won’t be waiting around.


Improve driver behaviour

Live data gives vital information on a driver’s behaviour – such as speed travelled, harsh braking and more. This can be used to help prevent accidents and reduce fuel bills, ensuring operators drive efficiently and responsibly.


Reduce the impact of vehicle theft

Vehicle theft is a huge cost to any business – but real time vehicle tracking can help to negate the negative consequences of theft and increase the chances of a vehicle being recovered. With real time vehicle tracking, stolen vehicles are typically found within 24 hours.


Optimise resources

Real time vehicle tracking doesn’t just offer short-term benefits. Over time, real time tracking solutions allow you to make decisions on how to improve your business based on detailed insights. You can make decisions to utilise resources more efficiently at one specific moment in time and identify key money-saving strategies for the future.


Reduce insurance costs

When you run a business, any saving you can make counts. Vehicle safety solutions, like real time vehicle tracking, can make a huge difference to your insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer special discounts to companies with these technologies.


Discover real time vehicle tracking today

If you’re looking for a real time vehicle tracking solution, look no further than VT Live. Our cutting-edge solution allows you to review and download footage as it happens; monitor and protect your fleet 24/7, and take action the moment it’s required. VT Live not only saves your business money, it also ensures peace of mind – guaranteeing that any incident can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

For additional vehicle safety, why not invest in VT CrashCAM too? Designed to capture accidents and provide evidence against fraudulent claims, it’s the perfect complement to VT Live.

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