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Barclays Cycle Safety Action Plan – Safer Roads for Cyclists

Barclays Cycle Safety Action Plan

Posted on 23rd Dec, 2014 by Jonathan Peach

Collisions between cyclists and lorries are all too frequent on Britain’s roads, contributing to more than their fair share of accident statistics. Serious injury and even fatalities are not uncommon, which is why Barclays have created a Cycle Safety Action plan to help cyclists stay safe on the roads.

With new legislation coming into force in 2015 requiring HGVs to be fitted with extended mirrors and side guards, the Barclays action plan is working to educate both cyclists and lorry drivers in an attempt to drastically reduce accidents involving bicycles and lorries on our roads.

What the Barclays Cycle Safety Action Plan is About

Cycling as an alternative to vehicle travel provides a multitude of health, financial and environmental benefits as well as easing traffic congestion.

Barclays are aiming to increase the uptake of cycling in London by giving cyclists confidence through education, awareness and increasing road safety. Since accidents involving cyclists seem to be constantly in the news, the perception is that cycling is unsafe or that cyclists need to invest in expensive, specialist safety equipment before taking to the roads.

The action plan will work to break down this negative perception of cycling, educating lorry drivers and cyclists and encouraging the installation of safety features and innovative technology on heavy goods vehicles to reduce the number of casualties involving cyclists and HGVs on London’s roads.

Crossrail Training Project

As part of the scheme, Barclays are delivering the Crossrail Training Project, aimed specifically at lorry drivers. The training course increases their awareness of cyclists and teaches safety practices that help drivers ensure no cyclists or pedestrians are in danger before manoeuvring.

Safety Technology for Heavy Goods Vehicles

Another strand of the action plan encourages HGV owners to have their vehicles fitted with additional safety features and equipment.

For those interested in improving their vehicle safety and providing their drivers with a greater awareness of nearby cyclists, Vision Techniques offers a comprehensive range of products formulated specifically for HGVs with cyclists in mind.

Vision Techniques’ TurnSafe range includes cameras to reduce blind spots and improve visibility, signal alarms to alert nearby cyclists to lorries that are about to turn and sensors to indicate the presence of a cyclist that might be difficult for the driver to spot.

Training for Cyclists

Barclays’ training scheme for cyclists instils confidence and improves awareness and decision-making skills with 76% of participants saying they felt safer on the roads since completing the training.

If Barclays Cycle Safety Project is successful, with both drivers and cyclists alike taking action to improve road safety, we could see a dramatic fall in cyclist deaths and accidents.

For more information about the Barclays Cycle Safety Action Plan visit the Transport for London website.

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