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Automated Emergency Braking technology raises hopes of increased road safety

Road safety campaigners are calling for the nation-wide installation of new anti-crash technology in a bid to reduce the number of road traffic accidents.

As the BBC reports, the new technology uses a combination of sensors and advanced computer technology to detect when vehicles in front from the car are slowing down too fast. If the driver does not respond in an adequate fashion the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) will kick in, apply the brakes and prevent a collision.

The system is currently being installed in one fifth of new cars, but campaigners like Tony Davidson, whose son was killed in a road traffic accident, are calling for the government to make the AEB a compulsory element of car safety akin to seatbelts.

Commenting on the possibility of the system’s wide-spread use, Mr. Davidson made his position clear: “Anything that can be done to reduce other families having to go through what we’ve been through has to be a bonus.”

Does Automated Emergency Braking really work?

Campaigners claim the new technology could save 1,220 lives over the next ten years, and experts from the insurance industry agree the system should be seen as “the next seatbelt”.

While the government has stated that it has no plans to make AEB mandatory, others suggest that the automated system will make drivers more reliant on technology and less attentive to the road around them, which they suggest is paramount for safe road conduct.

Proponents of the technology have denied that drivers will grow complacent, and stressed that AEB will only act in the very last minute. AEB should be conceived as a “guardian angel” rather than a feature of routine driving behaviour – one more method of reducing accidents on the road among many.

This approach certainly aligns with ours at Vision Techniques. We’ve developed a specialised automated braking system that protects drivers when reversing, and it has already had demonstrable results.

The Banksman Auto Braking Vehicle Safety System

Designed for vehicles in the transport and waste disposal sectors, the Banksman Auto Braking System is a vehicle safety system that transforms reversing from one of the most accident-prone driving practises into one of the safest.

  1. A programmable and intelligent radar progressively warns drivers of obstacles and objects in the path of the reversing vehicles.
  2. If the driver doesn’t take appropriate action, Banksman’s automatic braking system will then cause the vehicle to brake.
  3. Banksman’s Automatic Braking System also includes an override option for reversing into tight spots, giving the driver complete control of the vehicle.

Banksman’s automatic breaking system is one of the safest ways to detect human beings behind your vehicle (click here for a video) – and its reversing proximity sensors are sensitive enough to ignore false alarms – making it ideal for vehicles that work in residential areas.

With the Banksman Auto Braking System, you can rest assured your fleet is as safe as possible out on the streets – not only can you reduce ‘reversing damage’ and avoid costly insurance claims, but you can make the roads immeasurably safer for pedestrians and other road users.

If you’re interested in improving vehicle safety across your fleet, the Vision Techniques team are on hand to take your call and answer your queries – contact us now for more information.

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