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Autobrake technology for the haulage industry


Posted on 1st Feb, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

Transporting goods on Britain’s busiest roads is a tiring and stressful job. Not only do drivers have to navigate busy roads during peak time, they’ve also got to work long hours and work with issues such as poor visibility. One of the biggest issues to come to light recently is the benefit that AEBS can bring to Britain’s roads. Autobrake technology has been proven to not only stop accidents and save lives, but to ensure peace of mind for all drivers.

The dangers of large vehicles


Articulated lorries and other vehicles used in the haulage industry are constantly on the move carrying heavy loads across the UK and Europe. With the stress of meeting deadlines and delivery dates, drivers often work long hours – sometimes resulting in mistakes happening, such as forgetting to apply the handbrake.

While it’s dangerous for any collisions to occur on the road, when cars collide with goods vehicles in excess of 3.5 tonnes there is a fundamental incompatibility between their structures. In addition, due to a HGV’s height, vulnerable road users are also more likely to fall, or be knocked, under the vehicle.

Loaded tractor-trailers take 20-40 percent farther than cars to stop. Add to that wet or slippery roads, or poorly maintained brakes, and the stopping distance is even further.

The lasting impact of braking incidents

Autobrake-technology-for-the-haulage-industryAccidents, occurring as a result of failure to brake, aren’t uncommon; in fact, there’s a braking incident in the news right now. It’s been reported that a Runcorn haulage firm has been ordered to pay £90,000 in fines and costs after an employee was crushed to death by a runaway lorry.

The driver had been trying to connect a cab to a lorry trailer when the incident happened at the company’s premises on Astmoor Industrial Estate, in 2011. Unfortunately, the brake wasn’t applied and the sheer force of the lorry crushed an employee on site to death.

The company was prosecuted after an investigation found the 49-year-old operating the vehicle did not normally drive articulated vehicles. Having had no training on coupling lorries, or exposure to written procedure for the work, the company were seen to break important health and safety laws.

Although the driver was inexperienced in operating the vehicle, incidents like these do beg the question – could AEBS technology, such as VT AutoBrake, have prevented this from happening?

Braking technology from the experts

Autonomous Emergency Braking systems have become so advanced that they can stop a vehicle when a vulnerable road user is detected. And while not designed to detect road users, out newest product, VT BrakeSafe, also brings a whole host of benefits to drivers in the haulage industry. With its advanced handbrake failsafe system VT BrakeSafe helps prevent vehicles from rolling away by automatically applying the brake if the driver forgets. In fact, the product has been designed to work in a number of scenarios – even with the ignition off, giving optimum reassurance in a wide number of situations.

As well as preventing vehicle roll, BrakeSafe is also fitted with an audible alarm – alerting the driver if the handbrake hasn’t been engaged, allowing drivers to quickly rectify their mistake.

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