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Auto Brake technology: Minimising accidents in urban areas

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Posted on 19th Oct, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB) technology is one of the most important safety technologies to be introduced in recent years. With UK roads busier than ever, the risk of accidents are at an all time high too – failure to brake being one of the causes behind such accidents. In today’s blog we’re going to look at why AEB has become so important and why it’s great addition to your vehicle alongside VT BrakeSafe.

AEB technology helps prevent all those braking-related accidents that too commonly occur in urban areas. Using technologies such as radar, lasers and optical sensors, AEB technology can identify other vehicles and pedestrians and automatically brake, when necessary, if a driver fails to respond in time. In turn, this prevents accidents and collisions from occurring on UK roads due to failure to brake.

At present, not all vehicles are fitted with AEB, but there are a number of industries that would particularly benefit from it. These include:

  • Municipal
  • Waste Management
  • Highway maintenance vehicles
  • Couriers

One thing all the industries above have in common is their increasing presence on today’s roads. More importantly, they travel in peak time when children are on their way to school and roads are busy with drivers travelling to work. This, combined with the size of the vehicle and potential damage it could cause, if involved in an incident, strongly supports the case for AEB.

Benefits of AEB

brakes applied

Auto Express reported that cars fitted with AEB are 38% less likely to have a rear-end shunt. Thatcham Research also reports further benefits, including the reduction of low speed accidents by around 20% and mitigation of the devastating effects of high speed crashes.

Just a couple of weeks ago a cyclist was seriously injured in West London as it was hit by one vehicle and dragged under the wheels of a second. The cause? Failure to brake. The driver of the van that knocked over the cyclist tried to brake but reacted too late – hitting the cyclist a second later. AEB technology, as well as VT Brakesafe, has been designed for situations just like these.

AEB will help drivers by:

  • Preventing rear collisions – by applying maximum or partial brake force as required
  • Warning of the potential for a collision

While it will help save lives, it will also prevent serious crash damage on our roads. Drivers with AEB technology will also benefit from lower insurance premiums. It is expected that through the use of an appropriate fiscal incentive, 100% of the UK new car fleet will be fitted with AEB by 2025.

To find out how you can enhance your vehicle’s road safety in the meantime, with products like VT BrakeSafe, contact the Vision Techniques team today. You can talk to one of our experts on 08452 873 169.

Does your vehicle have AEB integrated into its design? If so, why not tell us what you think about the technology in the comments below? Alternatively you can tweet us your thoughts @VisionTechnique