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Are your vehicles prepared for winter?

Posted on 7th Nov, 2012 by Jonathan Peach

With temperatures dropping daily across Britain, drivers need to ensure they are ready for winter.

Don’t let the cold weather cause chaos. Prepare your vehicle to brave the elements.

The last two years has seen increasingly poor weather drive our transportation system to a halt, increasing the chances of accidents and longer journeys.

This dramatic change affects company cars and fleet operators, affecting their efficiency as well as raising fuel consumption.

You can prevent the potential problems associated with the ever-changing climate by not only adapting your driving style but also preparing the vehicles themselves.

The problem is that the adverse weather causes decreased visibility, making road surfaces much difficult to drive on.

Slippery roads contributed to 13,420 and 79 fatalities, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

The accidents were usually a result of driving too fast in bad weather.

However, this only shows part of it – with sub-standard windscreen wipers, lights and tyres being overlooked.

How can you prevent this? Consider investing in winter tyres with deeper treads. These are especially designed for winter weather by increasing grip. Throughout the season, it is still important to check them.

You should also check your windscreen wipers. If they are unable to properly clear the sleet, snow and rain your risk of collision is highly increased.

If the main lights, or fog are not working correctly, drivers will be unable to see when they need to the most.

However, driving style is by far the greatest determinate of winter safety. In fact, the Institute of Advanced Motorists says to avoid driving wherever possible.

But for those who must, make sure you de-ice your vehicle, pull away in second gear if there is ice on the road and ease off the clutch. Don’t brake too hard, or press down on the accelerator – which will reduce your grip.

Slowing down generally while driving will give you more time to react in hazardous situations.