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Another London cyclist killed by a lorry turning left

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has called for a ban on HGVs unless they are fitted with cycle-safety measures, following yet another cyclist death.

The bicycle caught under the wheels of the construction ‘tipper’ lorry as the cyclist and the driver both turned left in rush hour traffic.

Although the emergency services arrived within three minutes of the accident, the cyclist, who was in her mid-thirties, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Last year, 14 cyclists died in accidents in London, with a recent study finding that, although lorries make up just five per cent of traffic, they are the cause of half of all cyclist deaths.

Mike Cavenett, from London Cycling Campaign, said tipper lorries have a high driving position and poor visibility for the driver.

He said: “The danger that lorries pose has to be the number one priority. We want lorries to be equipped with sensors or camera systems to help the drivers, and cyclist awareness training for every lorry driver in London.”

Following the incident, London Mayor Boris Johnson said he wants to ban HGVs from the capital unless they are fitted with extra safety measures.

Fleet operators should take this very seriously – and that’s why we do too.

At Vision Techniques, we know it’s not just the blindspots on an HGV that are the problem. Cyclists also may not be concentrating properly or even have distorted noise perception because they are wearing headphones. That’s why we’ve come up with a few effective solutions for HGVs to help both parties stay safe.

VT Overview™

You can help prevent HGVs from hitting cyclists using VT Overview™. Using four ultra-wide-angled cameras and the latest video software, it provides the driver with a total ‘birds-eye’ view around the vehicle from a single monitor image. It also emits a warning alert if pedestrians or cyclists enter the ‘danger zone’.

VT Side Alert™

If you want a cost effective solution, VT Side Alert™ is a warning system that alerts both cyclist and HGVs drivers before they collide. When the vehicle turns left, the sensors will detect obstacles alongside it and emit an audible warning to alert the driver as well as a speaking alarm.

In addition to an audible alarm, you can use LED lightboards to attract more visual attention.

VT Alarmalight™

Alternatively, there’s a cheaper solution, which doesn’t require a radar-based product and still provides an effective visual aid – VT Alarmalight™. Every time a lorry turns left, an LED flashing alarm, as well as an audible one will give a clear warning to cyclists.