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Alarms worth talking about

Talking alarms are the future of vehicle safety and are saving hundreds of lives compared to ordinary reversing alarms, according to industry experts.

Audible reversing alarms have been used more and more by commercial vehicle operators over the past few years.

The main reason for this is that when a vehicle has a clear audible warning alarm other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are aware when a vehicle is reversing, preventing accidents in an efficient and cost effective way.

But it’s their vocal equivalent, the talking alarm, which has skyrocketed in popularly recently. Why is this?

According to vehicle safety company Vision Techniques, it’s because talking alarms aren’t just for reversing. As well as an audible reversing warning, they can be tailored to suit other very specific applications.

They can highlight dangers such as handbrakes not being applied, moving decks on trailers or arms raised on skip loading vehicles. They can even advertise corporate names.

Imagine, when you forget to put on your handbrake, you hear a voice exclaiming ‘warning handbrake not applied’.

Since talking alarms have become so important to vehicle safety, Vision Techniques has launched a state-of-the-art talking customisable reversing alarm system.

Vision Techniques’ Customisable Reversing Alarm can reproduce speech with perfect clarity.

The reversing alarm is automatically engaged when you put your vehicle into reverse, sounding a warning alarm.

One of our customers recently invested in our customisable reversing alarm and posted a video of it on Youtube. Have a look: