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Address HGV road safety with better training and technology

Posted on 22nd Oct, 2014 by Jonathan Peach

A recent report by Brake, the HGV road safety charity, and the License Bureau, has shown that a quarter of road deaths and serious injuries suffered by cyclists and pedestrians involve a company vehicle. The results revealed that most workers who drive vans, lorries, and even company cars are not given sufficient training to ensure they drive safely around cyclists and pedestrians.

The numbers given in the report were really quite astonishing. Six people are killed and 157 people are seriously injured every week whilst walking or cycling on Britain’s roads – 24% of which are caused by company vehicles.

The need to provide training for HGV operators

The report further surveyed 228 companies, and found that 54% of them didn’t provide extra training on protecting pedestrians and cyclists. Even more surprisingly, 89% of the companies didn’t plan their routes to avoid school and residential areas – where cyclists and pedestrians would be most at risk.

Specialised courses to enhance awareness and knowledge

With a growing number of cyclists and pedestrians on the road, it’s time to change this. There’s a growing challenge to ensure road users’ safety – whether it be through specialist technology or HGV specialised courses. There are a number of courses out there which employers should be sending their HGV drivers on. Courses chosen should cover aspects including the changing streetscape and urban environment, awareness of vulnerable road users, defensive driving techniques, hazard awareness and recognition, and actions in the event of an emergency incident.

Combine teaching with Vision Techniques technology

When it comes to vehicle technology that can help HGV operators with road safety, Vision Techniques have a wide catalog of options. Our products help HGV drivers to detect cyclists on the road and help to prevent the likelihood or incidents or fatalities. Whilst road safety is our priority, our technology has a wide range of benefits, such as the reduced risk of damage to vehicles, the ability to prove liability which reduces the cost and time lost dealing with the aftermath of an incident, lower vehicle insurance premiums and enhancing driver confidence with better road visibility.

Our TurnSafe range has been developed specifically to improve cyclist and driver safety on busy city centre roads – removing blind spots, detecting cyclists, and making road users more aware of your presence.

Turnsafe: Ensuring cyclist safety

There are multiple products within this range, all of which work well in combination with each other.

The TurnAlarm gives audible visual awareness, alerting cyclists and pedestrians of your whereabouts when you’re making turns. The system is linked to the vehicle indicator, so when the driver turns left, high intensity LED lights and a speaker alarm system warn the cyclist of the vehicles intentions.

The TurnSensor tackles the often blind area down the side of your vehicle. Ultrasonic proximity sensors detect any obstacles – such as cyclists – that move past this dangerous space and alert you with a visible warning in your cab panel of their presence.

The TurnCamera is designed as a mini-camera that can be specifically installed into your door frame, giving you complete visibility of your blind spot when turning left or right. This camera is most effective for indication only to ensure you don’t have any near misses.

We’ll also soon be releasing our TurnSign, an illuminated LED rear warning sign for cyclists which flashes on indication, giving cyclists a clear warning of the vehicles movement on the road.

You can explore the whole range on our website. If you’d like to find out any more about how TurnSafe works, give us a call on 08451 632 851 or drop us an email at

What measures are you putting in place to ensure your worker’s drive safely? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique