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The 4 Key Advantages Of VT Banksman

vt banksman vehicle reversing radar

Posted on 21st Feb, 2018 by Jack Stocker

VT Banksman is one of our flagship products here at Vision Techniques, and one that’s consistently highly rated by many of our customers. It’s an intelligent, programmable reversing radar for HGVs, using proximity sensors to detect dangers and obstacles and warning the driver. It’s a simple design philosophy with a flawless design execution, and one that offers a number of tangible benefits, including several over using a human banksman. We’ve listed just a couple below!

1. It Makes Life Easier For Drivers

Reversing in an HGV is a notoriously difficult task, as the bulk of the vehicle makes it incredibly difficult for the driver to see what he’s doing. It can be tricky enough even when conditions are ideal, and that’s not to mention all the complicating factors that can possibly occur, such as badly positioned mirrors or high-traffic areas. Certain conditions – like noise-intensive or poorly-lit environments – can also make it difficult for drivers to see or communicate with their banksman, which can quickly lead to accidents. VT Banksman eliminates these dangers by design, making it a far less dangerous and stressful task for drivers.

banksman with reversing hgv

2. It Reduces The Risk Of Damage

Poor visibility and crowded environments can result in collisions with surrounding obstacles, which might leave serious damage – either to the obstacle itself or the HGV in question. Either way, it can mean sizeable costs for the fleet operators, and occasionally for the driver in question. VT Banksman can easily detect stationary objects, helping drivers to manoeuvre round them and in turn help save fleet operators a lot of money and hassle.

3. Prevents Physical Risk To Human Safety

Apart from material damage to objects and vehicles, another of the most important advantages for VT Banksman is heading off the risk for human banksmen. It’s a notoriously risky job – almost 25% of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur as a result of reversing, and much of this demographic is sadly made up of employees carrying out their banksmen duties. It’s partially for this reason that many companies actually specifically ban the use of banksmen, in order to prevent harm from coming to their employees. VT Banksman takes care of this dangerous job instead, allowing employers and fleet operators peace of mind when it comes to their work environment.

4. Reduces Physical Risk To The Public

pedestrian warning on hgv

This is particular concern for fleet operators working in the public sector, such as local councils and municipal services. Unlike professionals, pedestrians and members of the general public are not always as wary or respectful of HGVs as they should be – a typical example would be someone crossing the road without looking up from their phone, which can bring them into the radius of a reversing vehicle. Similarly, domestic pets like dogs and cats can run out into the road as the vehicle is manoeuvring into a parking space, which can have tragic consequences. VT Banksman can detect these intrusions easily and inform the driver immediately and clearly – which isn’t always possible with merely a shouted word from a human banksman.

These are just a couple of the major advantages that VT Banksman can offer drivers and fleet operators, and this post is intended to simply provide an overview. You can visit the relevant product page on our site to find out the full capabilities of VT Banksman, or give our sales team a call on 08452 875 637 if you’d like to make a direct enquiry.