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360° cameras could cut waste industry accidents, says HSE

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has said that fitting 360° cameras to waste vehicles could significantly reduce accidents in the industry.

Commenting on 360° camera technology, HSE Chair Mrs Hackitt said: “If these camera systems were fitted on all waste collection vehicles it would reduce the number of serious and sometimes fatal accidents involving employees and members of the public? It’s got to be worthy of consideration.”

Over the past seven years, close to 4,000 major injuries to workers occurred in the waste and recycling sector, according to the HSE.

But Mrs Hackitt said the industry was “moving things in the right direction” and that injury rates had fallen by around 20% in the past eight years, but there was “still plenty of room for improvement”.

The technology is inexpensive and is already fitted as standard to some private cars, she says.

So what technology is available? At Vision Techniques, we have both a mid-level and a high-end solution.

With VT Overview™, you can have 100% clear vision around a waste vehicle. Using four ultra-wide-angled cameras and the latest video software, it provides the driver with a 36view around the vehicle from a single monitor image. It also emits a warning alert if pedestrians or cyclists to enter the ‘danger zone’.

Our high-end solution is VT Live™, the very latest 360° video recording system.  It streams live video footage from vehicle-mounted cameras to any location using its remote connectivity. With VT Live™, fleet managers can defend, track and train.

With a 360° real time view of the vehicle or machine and its surroundings, our hi-tech system helps eliminate blind spots, delivers driver warnings and is effective.

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