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22 mile orbital tunnel could transform London’s Streets…

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has outlined ambitious plans for a 22 mile orbital tunnel that would encircle the capital and significantly reduce the number of vehicles clogging up the roads above.

Taking an estimated £30 billion to construct, the ring-road would ease congestion on London’s streets by taking tens of thousands of vehicles underground. The dual carriageways would provide links between key routes, from the A40 Westway to the A12 in the east, and the A1 route north to the A2 running south.

Making space for buses and bikes

Johnson’s proposal for a subterranean ring-road prioritises public transport and a better quality of life for London residents.

The orbital, one of the most ambitious infrastructural changes ever to be proposed in the capital, would reduce traffic flow on overcrowded routes including the South Circular and one-way systems like Earl’s Court.  Tower Bridge, currently a notorious traffic hot-spot, would be reserved for buses and bicycles only, as the new orbital would include two crossings beneath the Thames.

Anticipating a certain level of resistance to his proposal, Johnson commented on the projected figures for congestion within the capital, which suggest a 60% increase in the central zone and a 25% increase in outer areas of London by 2031 if nothing is done.

Only time will tell whether the proposal will win wider favour: meanwhile, London’s roads remain the most congested in the country, not to mention the most dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Safeguard your fleet with cutting edge vehicle safety systems

The new proposal would have far-reaching effects for any of the large vehicles that move in and around the city on a daily basis – not least, the municipal vehicles that require constant access to every area of the capital.

While the new orbital route would go a long way to improving cyclist and pedestrian safety, councils should act now to protect not only members of the public, but their own fleet.

Our specialist vehicle safety systems are designed to safeguard vulnerable road users, offer commercial vehicle drivers an extra pair of eyes and protect fleet owners from false claims and unjust prosecutions.

VT Overview™ is an advanced vehicle safety solution that uses four high quality cameras to give drivers a 360° view around their vehicle – perfect for slow-moving vehicles that stop frequently – as is the case with most municipal vehicles.

Meanwhile, our TurnSafe™ range is a popular pick for municipal fleets, featuring audio and visual alarms to alert both drivers and other road users to potential hazards as the vehicle prepares to turn.

Talk to an expert member of the Vision Techniques team today – we’re happy to answer any queries you might have, and we can advise you on the best vehicle safety solution for your fleet.

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