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CrashCAM™ - 'Cash For Crash' Accident Recorders


What is the CrashCAM™?

CrashCAM™ saves you money by preventing false claims and monitoring your drivers’ performance.

In order to guarantee an increase in safety and efficiency, the compact, forward-facing camera systems allow you to assess if the driver is performing economically and driving safely.

In addition, the innovative systems save you money by providing a video record of any accidents or incidents that may have taken place, preventing false and fraudulent claims.

The lightweight, compact drive recording systems are fitted to the windscreen of a vehicle in order to record the forward view during a vehicle’s journey.

CrashCAM™ accident recording systems are suitable for both private car owners and fleet operators.

Visit the CrashCAM™ website to learn more about this family of in car cameras.



Prices start from just £89 + VAT - with no added costs for tracking data.

Investing in a CrashCAM™ will save you money and improve safety within your company.

Watch sample video footage